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8 Reasons Why Midlands Businesses Should Use Office 365

8 Reasons Why Midlands Businesses Should Use Office 365

If you are like a lot of our customers you have probably heard a lot over the last few years about Office 365 and all the hype surrounding cloud-based computing. You might have a recent version of Office, and not see the point in spending out on yet another upgrade.

Office 365 though, is a lot more than just the newest version of Microsoft Office. At the very least it is a way of installing office on 5 computers per user, but it can also be an entire IT system. Here is a brief summary of some of the key features, and how it can help you.

1. Adapt to change

In the fast evolving world of computer technology it is vital to keep up.

With Office 365 you are always using the latest version of the Microsoft Office products and apps you have probably been using for years. This means as soon as a new version is released it is yours, complete with all its new features.

2. Get the most out of your technology

Microsoft’s cloud servers number in to the hundreds of thousands, they are all cutting edge and completely secure – even Microsoft engineers are only granted temporary access when they need to complete maintenance on a server.

When you think about it, as part of the package you effectively get automatic hassle free hardware upgrades for no extra cost. That means no need to buy a new server every few years, and no worries that things might suddenly stop working one day. Whenever you need your work it will be there!

3. Get your work done anywhere

Office programs and applications are available on a huge variety of devices from PC’s and Mac’s to tablets and smartphones. You can even use online apps through your preferred web browser to work on documents, giving you a lot of the functions available with the latest desktop applications.

But what if you are somewhere without an Internet conection? Well that is covered as well – using OneDrive you can sync your files to  your device. Then, next time you connect to the Internet your modified files will be uploaded, without you doing anything.

4. Work together easily

Several people can work on the same file at once, but with safeguards to ensure two people are not editing the same part of the document at the same time. This means that everyone is always using the most up to date version of a document.

5. Protect and control your data

Protection is built-in at every level – from the servers all the way down to your device. You can also control who is allowed to view/edit individual files within your organisation.

The EU data protection authorities approve Microsoft’s systems - so you can be sure that your data is as secure as if it never left your office. In fact, when you consider the security of Microsoft’s servers, and that any communication between you and them is always securely encrypted you might say that your data is more secure in the cloud than it would be anywhere else!

6. Be prepared for the unexpected

At any one time your files on Microsoft’s cloud are backed up on 4-6 different servers, if not more! All within a set international region. If you are required to restrict where your data is held you can make sure that it does not leave the UK, and it will still be backed up in multiple locations.

Whatever happens, your files are safe and sound for you whenever you need them. You can even use version control to roll-back to a previous version of a file if something goes wrong.

7. Understand your customer

Office 365 and SharePoint allow you to analyse your data, helping you to understand your customers and allowing you to connect with them on their terms.

8. Increase your sales

You can build and maintain customer relationships using the tools both you and they are familiar with - Microsoft Office. This makes their experience with you as rewarding as yours is with them.


And Office 365 is just the tip of the iceberg for Microsoft cloud-based services! If you want to know more about Office 365, or anything else on offer from Microsoft just ask!