Whilst his cars might be fast, his IT systems struggled to get out of 2nd gear!

Mark’s hardware was slow to access, and his software was slow to respond. Once we were brought in we identified the root cause of the problem immediately – the server and router weren’t up to scratch!

We started by setting them up with some new, faster hardware, which was then followed by upgrading the router from a Renault to a BMW and improving the overall functionality of the server with more memory and hard drives.

Once this was all set up, after a 3 week monitoring period we were able to sign off the new systems as working smoothly and consistently, where the end-user/client machine response time had increased by 3 times!

Mark Campbell Motors has since rebranded to Cromford Cars and they continue to work with Halchax for ongoing IT support and peace of mind, ensuring they can keep driving forwards in 5th gear!

Do you feel like your IT systems are causing you to drive in 2nd gear? Here at Halchax, we can help with upgrades to both your hardware and software to get your business moving forwards faster.


Great Service

At Mark Campbell Motors we work very hard to ensure that all customers get the best possible service.  Which is why we are so pleased with Halchax IT Solutions.  Not only do you ensure value for money, you also give us great support to the very highest standard, often surpassing our expectations.  That’s why we have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone requiring IT services at the right price.

Mark Campbell, Managing Director, Mark Campbell Motors


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