When the Rotherham NHS trust first came to us, they were experiencing some unnecessary stress and challenges with their IT.

There were issues with their SQL server, which meant that when healthcare professionals were trying to access information, the data they were receiving wasn’t up to date.

Because their staff need this data to be accurate in order to complete their job, we needed to help find a solution fast – making precise project management a priority.

After some thorough research by one of our senior technicians, we identified the issues with their server and set about implementing solutions. With data access being a primary concern, we implemented a temporary fix so that the trust could continue to operate without as many of the previous issues.

Once the temporary fix was in place, we worked on a longer-term solution which involved upgrading their SharePoint servers, allowing for data to be shared more securely and safely between organisations. As a Microsoft SharePoint Solution Expert, implementing this was something we could do quickly and confidently.

Due to the success of this project, further work has since been undertaken including reconfiguring firewall access, building some Microsoft WebApp servers, and streamlining the search functionality of their Microsoft Sharepoint account.

As with all of our large scale projects, extensive testing was carried out, including simulations, to ensure minimal disruption and loss of service to our client.

If you’re a health trust or a business with several thousand users needing to safely and securely access accurate data, then we can help. Whether it’s an ongoing support contract you’re looking for, or some one-off maintenance and installation, we can help.

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