When Sherwood Enterprise Centre first came to Halchax, their ability to work efficiently on a daily basis was being hampered by out-of-date hardware, intermittent network connectivity and inconsistent system back-ups.

So we set to work at once to help try to get their business back in motion…

We installed a new server with two-mirrored hard drives for their Windows operating system and put their old hard drive to use for storing daily back-ups. We also upgraded their router to improve network connectivity and improved the overall security and performance of the system.

Additional features were also introduced to improve the efficiency of their IT including FTP (file transfer protocol) to receive files from the scanner, FRSM (file server resource manager) to control the storage quota and enable file screening, shadow copying to allow different versions of files to be held, and a fit-for-purpose back-up of the entire system.

Within just a few weeks, Sherwood Enterprise Centre went from an inoperational IT system to one that was more efficient, more secure and more accessible.

If your IT is limiting your ability to work efficiently and you need help implementing a new IT system then Halchax can help.

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