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Different Page Orientations in a Single Word 2013 Document

We are often asked about creating a document with some pages orientated in portrait, and others in landscape.

Firstly, decide if you do want different orientations, if just portrait or landscape is sufficient for the whole document then in your document simply select the ‘Page Layout’ tab of the ribbon, ‘Orientation’, and then pick landscape or portrait:



If you do want different orientations on different pages though you need to split the document up in to sections using ‘Next Page’ section breaks, which are again found in the ‘Page Layout’ tab:




You can then set the orientation of each section separately.


Here is a quick example:


For a 3 page document we want pages 1 & 3 in portrait and page 2 in landscape, so:


  • Create a new document, leaving the orientation in portrait
  • At the bottom of your section text add a Next Page section break:

  • This creates a second page, using the same orientation as the previous section.
  • Change this orientation to landscape:

  • For the 3rd page the process is repeated, at the bottom of the section add a Next Page Section break, and then change the orientation to portrait in the new section, giving you: