ESET Mobile Parental Control

Our child-friendly app to help you keep your kids safe online – includes child locator.

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ESET detection technology is trusted by over 100 million users the world over. With more than 20 years’ experience and more consecutive Virus Bulletin VB100 awards than any other, ESET keeps you, and your family, protected whether you’re browsing or banking.

ESET Parental Control helps you keep your children safe whilst they browse, play and explore online on their smartphone or tablet.

It works by automatically blocking predefined website categories, such as adult websites or games sites if it’s time for homework, based on the child’s age. This can be adjusted as you see fit but the existing categories provide a comprehensive starting point.

You can also add your own blocks and receive reports about what sites your child is visiting and check for yourself. The reports can also show which apps they’ve been using the most and time spent on specific apps/websites.

Time-based app control enables you to set maximum usage time for the day and prohibit access to games during certain times of the day – for example during school or bedtime.

With the Parental Message feature you can ensure that your child will always read and respond to your messages. Parental Message looks your child’s device until they have acknowledged that they have read and understood your message.   

Parental Control also enables you to keep track of your child’s device in case in becomes lost or misplaced.