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Gmail Phishing Scam - Beware

Gmail Phishing Scam - Beware

Gmail Phishing Scam 4th May 2017

You might have seen in the news today that there is a massive phishing attack targeting gmail users, and unfortunately it is a good one!

Now you might not use Gmail, but it is possible that other members of staff in your place of work, or other family members do, so it is defintely something to be aware of.

This scam is very clever and from what we understand, it is an email that appears to come from a friend including a link to a Google Doc. When the Google Doc link is click it gives the hackers control of the Gmail account.

We are sure Google is working hard on a fix right now and it won't be long before this phishing email is useless to the hackers. The odds are your computers are not affected, but it is a slightly different phishing attack to those we normally see, so it is worth noting.

Even if you are not affected, or know that Gmail is not used in your organisation, this is a great reminder that is might be time to:

  • Carry out a full security sweep of all devices within your organisation
  • Do a full data audit making sure that all your data is secure and you have a robust backup policy (just in case the worst did happen)
  • Put in place or revise a policy for all your staff on use of personal email and social media at work

If you require any assistance with this issue in particular, or any IT issues in general, please contact us.