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How Much Storage Do I Need?

How Much Storage Do I Need?

Virtually all the Microsoft Office 365 packages include 1 TB of OneDrive storage space per user. This gives you the ability to access all your files (not just your Microsoft Office files) anywhere, on a host of different devices using a system that is certified by the EU for its security. What’s more, all of your data is fully backed up, across multiple locations.

But what is 1 TB, and is that enough? The short answers to this are ‘about the same size as a standard desktop computer hard disk’ and ‘yes, it is probably plenty’, but lets find out.

Firstly, lets talk about how big 1 TB is. Well that’s easy – it is 1,024 GB or 1,048,576 MB or 1,099,511,627,776 bytes. In slightly more useful terms it is about 350,000 photographs, or over 7 million word processor files!

So, we now know how big 1 TB is, but is it enough for all your data? The best way of finding this out is by seeing how much data you have got. The quickest and easiest way of looking is to look at the size of your entire data drive. This is done via ‘Computer’, right-clicking on your hard disk and selecting properties:

This will give you some basic information including the total used space on the drive:

It is very likely that this figure is far lower than 1TB, and even more astonishingly, this figure might include more than just your data – a big chunk of it could be operating system files and temporary files – which you would not be storing on OneDrive.

If you files are stored in different locations, or you want to know how much space you need for an individual users files you can look at the properties of individual folders (the same way as above) – giving you a screen like this:

So there we have it – a quick guide to finding out how much space all your files take up.

If you need any more help, or would like to hear more about all the advantages Microsoft Office 365 can offer please get in touch!