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Initial Consultation

The first step with any IT Maintenance and Support Contract is an initial, free of charge, consultation.

This gives Halchax a chance to see where a companies current IT systems are and what, if anything, requires attention. Very often, by the time our experienced IT consultant leaves, the customer has learned something - we might even have been able to attend to one of those little IT niggles there and then!

Most importantly, this meeting, which lasts about an hour, gives customers a chance to get to know the Halchax team as well. We are very aware that trusting somebody with something as important as your IT systems is a big deal, which is why we insist on this opportunity to get to know each other a little.


The Support Package

Another key element of this consultation is the opportunity to go through the various IT Support packages available, and what can be expected with them.

This is informative to both parties - allowing us to make sure our customers get the package that is right for them.


What next?

After the consultation a proposal will be produced by a dedicated Solutions Consultant and Account Manager to include not only details of the support contract, but also any alterations to the system identified from the consultation. These alterations can range from updating printer drivers to implementing a completely new server infrastructure, and always utilise the latest technologies to the maximum benefit of the customer.


If you would like to arrange your consultation, or would like any more information, please get in touch!