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Mark Campbell Motors

Mark Campbell Motors

Driving Too Slowly - The Problem

Mark Campbell’s cars may be fast, but his office systems couldn’t get out of second gear. Hardware: slow to access. Software: slow to respond.

Halchax identified the crux of the problem straightaway. The server resources were inadequate to support all the users who might want access simultaneously. The router was also incapable of dealing with the level of traffic.


The Solution

The solution would centre on getting rid of all thin client (individual reliance on the server). Halchax recommended the introduction of a set of low to mid-specification PCs, changing the router to support a higher bandwidth, improving the server’s functionality with more memory and hard drives, and reorganising mail and files storage.

The client agreed. And the result? All systems were monitored by Halchax for three weeks after completion and found to be spot on.  They are smooth running and consistent. End-user/client machine response time is at least three times faster than before, including the time taken for files accessing. The new VPN system is used to reach and work on all machines, including the printers, securely from anywhere.


Ongoing Support

Mark Campbell Motors is now Cromford Cars, but they continue to use Halchax IT Solutions for all their IT needs.