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Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft's global cloud platform. Essentially, Microsoft Azure is any number of cloud based servers for your organisation, carrying out any number of functions.

Halchax IT Solutions are able to utilise the ever growing range of services Microsoft Azure offers as part of bespoke IT systems, to give customers the best and most economical set up possible.


What can Microsoft Azure do?

The list of functions is extensive, and can be viewed here. But a quick overview of some of the Microsoft Azure services often included in a Halchax IT Solution are:

  • Backup of On-Site Server - cloud based back-ups of entire servers allows for quick disaster recovery.
  • Database Hosting - maintaining SQL databases on Azure can remove the need for costly on-site hardware.
  • Active Directory - holding user credentials on Microsoft Azure ensures this critical information is securely available worldwide.
  • Full Server Virtualisation - entire private clouds can be configured in Microsoft Azure.


What do I need?

A free consultation with a Halchax expert will identify any areas Azure would benefit your organisation.

'The best solution for the customer' is the most important element of any solution designed by Halchax IT Solutions, and we are not restricted to selling just Microsoft products, so if there is a better, non-Azure, solution available it will be suggested.

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