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Private Cloud

Cloud computing is a real 'buzz' word in IT. Every way you turn it is 'Cloud computing this..' and 'In the Cloud that...'

For some businesses though, hosted cloud based systems are not appropriate. Halchax understand this, and are experienced in configuring Private Clouds and on-site servers.

What is a Private Cloud?

A Private Cloud is essentially exactly what it sounds like - a cloud system, the resources of which are only accessible to one organisation.

A Private Cloud normally consists of several virtual servers across a number of physical servers - offering the same efficiency and redundancy as a larger cloud infrastructure. Private Clouds can be hosted off-site (for example using Microsoft Azure) or can be set up on servers on-site.

Halchax and Private Cloud

All Halchax IT Solutions are designed to the maximum benefit of the customer. If that means a Private Cloud then, as with all Halchax proposed solutions, a full demonstration can be arranged using Halchax's own demonstration Private Cloud.

If your business could benefit form a Halchax Private Cloud solution, or you would like to know more, contact Halchax for a free, no obligation consultation.