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Remote Access & Assistance

Arranged & Completed Quickly

The skilled Halchax IT Solutions team is ready to save you time and money whenever IT problems arise, large or small.  It might be as simple a nuisance to you as a slow printer, or it could be an entire network calamity.  Often, fixes can be arranged and completed quickly without the necessity of a site visit.

Halchax remote technical support services can be arranged by telephone or e-mail, so talk to an expert as soon as there is a need - even if you do not have a support contract with Halchax.   Over 90 per cent of Halchax clients’ problems are resolved within three hours.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Customer-focused Halchax IT Solutions offers a level of service tailored to the needs of each user.  The ultimate goal is to save you money – by solving your problems and increasing your IT efficiency.

Maintenance contracts are based on individual packages that deliver only the support you need.  Monthly checks can be made to ensure that everything is running smoothly and anticipate problems before they start.  Always, these checks are carried out at a time to suit you, so they are not disruptive.  There can also be unlimited remote support for a cost-efficient fixed price as part of a support contract.

Make that call to the Halchax Help Desk now if you want more information on remote assistance.

Microsoft Qualifications
Microsoft Qualifications