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Sage have long been a market leading supplier of accounts software for businesses of all sizes. In fact, the vast majority of Halchax customers have been using Sage for years.

Halchax understand the importance of a company's accounting systems, which now reside almost entirely on computer systems, so we make it our business to ensure that a company is using the right tools for them.

As a Sage Accredited Business Partner, Halchax are perfectly positioned to support a company's entire Sage journey - from choosing the right product then installing and configuring the software, all the way through to ongoing support.

Sage Software

Sage cater for companies of all sizes, so it follows that their software selection is broad. It does not end with accounts software either - Sage offer HR systems and CRM systems as well!

As a Sage Accredited Business Partner, Halchax have product experts, trained directly by Sage, to advise and support customers on the latest Sage products. Knowing the Sage software inside out means our Sage experts can make sure you are always using the right Sage products for your business.

Here is some general information about some of the most popular Sage products:

Sage 50 Accounts

Sage 50 Accounts is probably the most well known Sage system. It comes in a number of options, to cater for all sizes of Small and Medium Businesses. Visit our Sage 50 Accounts Page to learn more.

Sage 50 Payroll

Any company running its own payroll will tell you that it is a minefield of Tax, National Insurance, Statutory Sick Pay and Real Time submissions. Sage 50 Payroll takes car of it all - making sure that the company is complying with the latest HMRC regulations. The powerful Pensions Module is even available to take care of auto-enrollment. Visit our Sage 50 Payroll Page to learn more.

Sage 50 HR

Sage 50 HR allows a HR team to easily track employee information, such as personal details, holidays and employee performance. The software also covers employee's DBS checks, right to work and employment contracts.

Being Sage software it also means that information can be linked from the Payroll system - reducing the need for entering the same information twice. More information can be found on our Sage 50 HR Product Page.

Other Sage Products

Sage offer other accounting products, such as their online Sage One system. Sage also offer a CRM system, or systems for enterprise organisations.

If you have any queries about any other Sage products, please contact us.