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Sherwood Enterprise Centre

Sherwood Enterprise Centre

Far More Enterprising

Sherwood Enterprise Centre was being hampered in its work by out-of-date hardware. Windows XP was in use for file sharing, with only password-enabled security. Network connectivity was intermittent and the system was not backing up correctly.

Halchax was called in and set to work at once.


The Solution

A new server was installed with two mirrored hard drives for the Windows operating system, the old hard drive was re-employed for daily shadow back-ups. The router was replaced, configured for secure VPN connection, the printers and the server. Full security for access was introduced throughout the system.

New features included FTP (file transfer protocol) to receive files from the scanner, FRSM (file server resource manager) to control the storage quota and enable file screening, shadow copying to allow different versions of files to be held, and a fit-for-purpose back-up of the entire system.


The result

Everything runs much more speedily. Security is enhanced. Back-ups are thorough. There is no waiting for files or a printer. Users have remote access to their desktop machines.

Sherwood Enterprise: another very satisfied Halchax client!