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Social Media Training

What is Social Media?

Have you ever heard of Facebook or Twitter? The answer is almost certainly 'yes', and these are examples (probably the best examples) of social media - websites and/or applications which enable users to share content or participate in social networking.

So social media is just a 'toy' - a way for friends and old classmates to keep in touch? Certainly not! Social Media is a tool for communicating with your customers - past, present and future. It is vital for all modern businesses to have a presence in the social media world, indeed for some businesses social media becomes their primary marketing and sales tool.


Social Media Training

Working with Quick by Design, Halchax IT Solutions have put together a number of training sessions designed to help you use social media as a marketing tool - to easily (and normally quickly) advertise to a huge audience.

Below are some more details on the courses we offer, all of which take place at Halchax's Nottingham Head Office.


An Introduction to DIY Social Media

Many social media platforms are free to join, and a great deal can be achieved without any financial outlay and very little time.

This course is designed to give you an overview of social media, and how you can achieve a sound and refined presence on some of the major platforms.


  • Overview of Social Media
  • Information about several 'major' platforms
  • Demonstration of how little time you really need to have a large social media presence
  • Getting started with Facebook and Twitter




Upcoming Courses

Halchax IT Solutions and Quick by Design constantly strive to offer the best service possible, utilising the latest technologies. Our training is no different - we are always reviewing existing courses and producing new sessions.

Here are some of our new social media courses which will soon be on offer. Sign up next to the course(s) you are interested in and we will keep you updated.


Growing your business with Social Media Marketing

This course expands on our 'Introduction to DIY Social Media' giving you more hints and tips on using social media platforms appropriate to your business.

We also investigate the design and implementation of an effective social media strategy and discuss social media management. Neither Halchax IT Solutions or Quick by Design offer social media management services (so this is certainly not a sales pitch) - but we use our experiences in the field to offer advice.


Advanced Use of Facebook and Twitter

Looking at the biggest of the social media platforms this session concentrates on getting all you can from Facebook and Twitter - both free and paid for services.