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The Martin High School

The Martin High School

The Martin High School is open and friendly. Pupils come from all backgrounds and all are made welcome. Together with staff they build a thriving, friendly community. With 800 pupils attending, the school has a friendly family atmosphere. They are passionate about education and want to do their best for every pupil that enters their school. They are a thriving learning community and one of the best performing schools in the country with pupils constantly achieving high academic results.


The Requirement

With each member of staff and every student requiring an email address the end-of-life onsite mail server serviced over 1000 active accounts, and required replacement.


What we found

A detailed survey by a senior technician confirmed that the existing server was indeed at the end of serviceable life (both in terms of hardware and software). Of the 1000+ mailboxes requiring migration to a new server several were identified as specific concerns – several contained emails with video attachments exceeding 700MB, and one was nearly 3 times the maximum recommend size of an Exchange server 2003 mailbox.

A small number of network and Active Directory issues were also identified which would effect the email migration process and would require attention to enable a successful Exchange server migration.


The Solution

A detailed schedule for the temporary correction of the network and Active Directory issues and the mail server migration to Office 365 was drawn up for consideration by The Martin School as well as some consultation regarding license purchase and DNS configuration.

The staged migration of all mailboxes from Exchange Server 2003 to an online Office 365 Exchange Server was completed outside of school term time to minimise disruption. DirSync (to synchronise the local user details with Office 365) was also implemented to allow straight forward password control for the users.


Ongoing Support

The return of staff and students gave rise to a number of support queries, which were dealt with promptly by experienced Halchax technicians – both concerning the Office 365 configuration, and the new Exchange Server.

Since completion of this project The Martin High School has undertaken further projects including firewall & switch replacement, proxy server configuration, modifications to the schools structured (network) cabling.