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Using OneDrive and Sharepoint

Using OneDrive and Sharepoint

Using OneDrive to Sync Your Sharepoint Documents

It has been a long time coming, but you can now use Microsoft's OneDrive Next Gen Sync client to keep a copy of your Sharepoint files offline (the same way you can with your personal OneDrive files).

Before trying to sync a document library a few setting will need changing in the Sharepoint administration pages (by a Sharepoint or Global admin), these settings control which OneDrive Sync Client is launched when trying to sync a library and should be set as follows (note: some of these settings will be set by default):

  • OneDrive for Business exerience set to - 'New experience'
  • OneDrive Sync Button set to - 'Show the Sync button'
  • Sync Client for SharePoint set to - 'Start the new client'


(click on the image to open a larger version)

You will obviously also need the latest OneDrive sync client, which is now very widely distributed. If you have not got it yet you can download it from Microsoft here for PC or download it from the App Store for Mac.

To sync a document library navigate to it through your browser and click 'Sync':




Follow any onscreen prompts and select the folders you want sync and you are done!

As always, if you have any further questions, or would like ot learn more about how Halchax can help you please contact us.